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GREEN Chemicals has global presence in more than 35 countries located in; Europe, Russia, North Africa, Latin America and Middle East.


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GREEN-ITALY Chemicals works towards producing environmental friendly chemicals for a greener world. We are committed to sustainability and innovation as a company that provides a complete package of chemical products and technical services. GREEN-ITALY Chemicals, creates value for its partners, employees, customers and the environment. For more information, please contact us.





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Our expert teams closely follow up new researches and developments. Within this direction, our special world class quality products that are designed by our expert teams are introduced to the industry through reliable and economic services by means of our entrepreneur engineers whose first priority is customer satisfaction; and any intervention can be performed on the processes without any problem.


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GREEN Chemicals is Turkey’s 411th R&D Center

Today, R&D and innovation have become indispensible for competiton. Countries that are supported by effective R&D incentives are at the top of the world competition rankings. Ministry of Industry and Technology has formed a program to support below mentioned points. Technological knowledge produced to bring the economy of the country to a competitive structure internationally […]

GREEN Chemicals Inc. In 2016, “Most Successful Chemistry Company” was selected.

TOBB President Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU also participated in the eighth place this year with the valuable participation of the Sectoral Performance Awards night, November 26, 2015 took place in Izmit. The “Industry Organizations Sectoral Performance Evaluation Organization” organized every year under the leadership of Kocaeli Chamber of Industry aims to award the successful industrial establishments in […]

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